Attention Realtors

Are you tired of leaving messages for absent title agents and constantly left in the dark? A title company should be there when you need them. Baxter Title understands that you are the key player to keeping all parties up to date and informed. BAXTER TITLE WILL CALL YOU BACK EVEN IF THERE IS NO STATUS CHANGE. Communication is key!

Does your title company leave at 5PM even if the lender is on the west coast and will send the closing package according to their time zone? Sorry no closing today is unacceptable! We have been that realtor. If the deal doesn’t close you don’t get paid. Well neither do we, so you can be assured we will stay to make it happen for your client and ours.

That sounds nice, but what about our experience? We have over 15 years of title experience and are backed by the largest underwriter in the United States, Fidelity National Title Group.  

Lastly, we are an honest and a hard working group with a mission to be the best we can be for your benefit and ours. Call us today. We want to be your partner.

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