Attention Mortgage Professionals

How many times has the typical title company caused a simple refinance to become a time consuming sea of red tape filled with bad attitudes and personnel who leave you at 4:59PM sharp? Baxter Title has been in the title service business for over 15 years and decided there must be a better way. A title company should be there when you need them and pass on a fair price with exceptional service to your client. We don’t get paid until you get paid.

How many times have you received incomplete, missing and/or incorrect document packages back from the title company? We pride ourselves on being well organized and double-check all documents for precision and accuracy. We can also accept and transmit documents via e-mail or receive digital documents such as e-lynx. We can close anywhere in the United States, and close within 24 hours of receiving the closing documents with an authorized bonded Notary Public.

Furthermore, Baxter Title is backed by the largest underwriter in the United States, Fidelity National Title Group.

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